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The act of taking a shit on your girls tits and then titty fucking her.
My girl let me give her a chilly dog last night.
by Scott March 12, 2004
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verb- the act of giving a male on male blow job.
He just have that dude a real nice chilly dog!!
by themaster0330 October 28, 2010
When a guy puts his penis in ice water for 15 minutes or until his penis is very cold and shriveled up, and then he has sex with a girl doggy-style.
My junk was so cold but I knew I had to get a chilly dog, and although my dick was small and discolored, I fought through the pain to do it anyway.
by j morow January 18, 2009
A sex act in which a sizable log of shit is frozen, and then used as a dildo- either on yourself or a partner.
I think I got frostbite on my anus when Anna chilly dogged me last night.
by slizzy May 19, 2007

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