A pillow that has been left outside the blanket and has now become reasonably cold.
This is ideal for any sleeping situation.
I finally got into bed and realized I have a new chillow.
by JD Rips April 19, 2010
Top Definition
The cool, refreshing underside of your pillow.
It was getting really hot in bed, so I flipped to my chillow.
by Count Suckula May 30, 2007
To use someones cheast , male or female, as some sort of pillow.
Girl1: im'a use you boobs as a chillow, m'kay?
Girl2: whatever
by abscond2hell+back December 07, 2014
A mixture between the terms chill out and allow. No-one really knows what this means.
Um... chillow, dude, chillow
by rorz758 July 14, 2006
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