chill out, stop being an asshole
person1- i'm gonna fuck you up biatch
person2- wow man, chill your beans
by mason February 04, 2004
Top Definition
Phrase to tell some one to calm down if getting angry or annoyed, or to tell someone to take a well needed break.
Often used even if the user is in the wrong.

Used a lot in my house when I was younger, and now greeted with puzzlement if I use it outside knowing people.
A: i do all the work around here, get off your arse!
B: Alright, alright, chill your beans.

A:I've been working so hard today.
B:Take a break man, chill your beans.
by Roxy April 20, 2006
To calm down. Cool ones mood.
A: for f**ks sake you're taking far too long and it's p***ing me off!
C: just chill your bean - ill be two minutes.
by Marsupialllll January 11, 2011
Relax and stop getting worked up about something.
"I feel bad about taking so much money from you"
"Chill your beans!!"
by It'sme!!G July 17, 2013
This phrase is used to inform a person that they are too excited or animated about something.
Emily: I am so amped for this weekend's party!! This is all that I have been looking forward to the entire month!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

Nick: Chill your beans.
by worstperssonever April 08, 2015
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