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Phrase to tell some one to calm down if getting angry or annoyed, or to tell someone to take a well needed break.
Often used even if the user is in the wrong.

Used a lot in my house when I was younger, and now greeted with puzzlement if I use it outside knowing people.
A: i do all the work around here, get off your arse!
B: Alright, alright, chill your beans.

A:I've been working so hard today.
B:Take a break man, chill your beans.
by Roxy April 20, 2006
43 10
chill out, stop being an asshole
person1- i'm gonna fuck you up biatch
person2- wow man, chill your beans
by mason February 04, 2004
48 21
To calm down. Cool ones mood.
A: for f**ks sake you're taking far too long and it's p***ing me off!
C: just chill your bean - ill be two minutes.
by Marsupialllll January 11, 2011
6 1
Relax and stop getting worked up about something.
"I feel bad about taking so much money from you"
"Chill your beans!!"
by It'sme!!G July 17, 2013
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