When you take your shit and rub it all over your male dick and then sexually gesture the opposite or same sex with it. Following may be oral and or vaginal/anal sex with the same shit cock.
<Hayden> i chili dogged kils mom
by Snapps July 21, 2006
Top Definition
After anal sex, the male squishes his penis before cleaning it, between the woman's breasts.
Winona Ryder got Chilidogged last night!
by Chemical Ali April 08, 2003
the act of getting hot dogged (weener in between your buns with no penetration) while having mudbutt
You just got chili dogged nigga!!!!!

Whats that thing between your buns?!?!?
by bum jacky chan November 15, 2010
When you perform anal on a female and then go directly to shoving your soiled member into her mouth.
bro, fuck a dirty sanchez....i chili dogged that hoe!
by MR.Sparkle 24 April 01, 2011
having sex while your girl is on the rag
for the next 5 days, i'm a be chilidoggin it
by carrie April 17, 2003
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