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1. someone of asian descent who tries to act "black"
2. a bug
the mall was infested with chiggers. (this works for both definitions)
by caitizzle muhnizzle October 09, 2003
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A little bit yellow, a little bit black. Usually just a Chinese guy pretending he's black and calling everyone his "nigga", but could also be someone of mixed racial background.
1. Tiger Woods is a chigger.
2. "Wasup my nigga?" said Charlie the chigger.
by Jason Xu August 27, 2003
someone who is part east asian and part black.
Tyrone and Ji-yeon are both good looking, but their kids are some scary looking chiggers!
by minghi May 21, 2003
A person of Chinese origin who acts or tries to be like a Black person.
1. Yo! ma "Chigger", how's it going?
2. Check out those "Chiggers" over there!
by Bruce Lee March 28, 2003
A term used to define a Chinese person who tries to act like a black person.

Only retards who have too much time on their hands use this term.
Loser1: Hey, do you know what a Chigger is?
Loser2: I dunno, you're too cool for me
Loser1: A Chinese Nigger!
Loser2: You're too funny!
Loser1: I spent all day yesterday making it up!
by Brittany January 06, 2005
A Chinese Homeboy who acts like
a nigga
Look at dat try hard chigger who's dissen my homeboy
by Miniboxa September 06, 2003
doesnt necissarily have to be a chinese guy acting black, but just take the ch, and remove the n from nigger, and you get chigger, easy!
uh... sorry, you dont need another example...
by scubes October 26, 2004

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