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Similiar to an armoir but smaller. A chiffarobe is a free standing wardrobe which usually has a full length mirrored door. Behind the door there's a rod to hang one's clothes, and several drawers on the opposite side of the mirrored door. Chiffarobes were used in the days before homes had closets.
My best dress is hanging in Grandmother's chiffarobe.
by Mrs. O. Higdon-Crenshaw July 14, 2003
from "chiffonier" (dressmaker) and "wardrobe"; a free-standing tall piece of furniture used to hold clothing; includes a rod for hanging clothes and may include several drawers as well; usually two sides.
Her bustle was neatly folded and stored in the chiffarobe.
by d November 11, 2003
An old dresser thing that you bust up and use for kindling.
"Come on over here boy, and bust up this here chiffarobe"
by braamer March 10, 2003
A: A free-standing wardrobe
B: A white woman's vagina when coming onto a black man
Ex A: Chiffarobes are outdated and impractical
Ex B:
Tyrone: Kathy asked me to bust up her chiffarobe last night.
by THC1138 April 28, 2008
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