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1) Money in Chinese.
2) Chinese and Singporean last name.
3) French for dog.
Chien is money in Chinese.
by DinkALot October 28, 2007
the french for dog

masculine for "a dog" is:
un chien

femimine is:
une chien
j'ai un chien noir et blanc

(i have a black and white dog)
by 33333333333333333 May 18, 2008
Chien is a term used to describe an incredibly sexy boy. Perhaps one with a lot of game.
"Daaaaamn he got chien."

"Man he's so chien right now."
by notchien October 28, 2004
Money in Chinese

One powerfully good looking family.
Wow, those models almost look as good as the Chien Family!!
by Humpty September 18, 2003
Mostly used among English-speaking Quebec youth, chien is used as a greeting (see example). The word was derived from the French translation for dog, which takes the place of dog wherever it is used in slang form.
Sup, chien?

I'm just chilling with my chiens.
by Jane Royns June 28, 2004
A hideous young man with a large skull who lies alot
"He is so nasty lookin, and he's a pathological liar."
"What a Chien!"
by Eugene September 01, 2004
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