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High off weed. An adjective similar to "chiefin".

Because the Native American chiefs smoked peace pipes.
Niggas gettin hella chiefy off that purp.
#high #blazed #stoned #baked #faded #throwed #fucked up
by D-M0ney November 20, 2009
Adj. doing something in a manner that is so good it is of master chief like quality
Jim: i just no scoped that guy in the dome
Aaron: damn man that was chiefy
#awesome #cool #tight #bad ass #phat
by Nate Bennett December 05, 2006
the adjective of chief. not usually derogatory, but used in a playful/affectionate manner towards good friends
dats some chiefy shit ur doing blud

stop being so chiefy man!
by chunachunks January 19, 2005
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