Oakland School for the Art's definition for weed.
used to talk about weed during class

duddddeeee i ate so much chicken yesterday, i was hellllla full dude.
by isoduff December 25, 2008
A game played among friends where an idea is mentioned and everyone is forced to participate, lest be labeled a chicken.
I didn't want to go out, but the Queen started playing Chicken with me. Now I feel like shit!
by Zachity Zach May 03, 2007
1.An animal.
2.A dick
3.A cowerdly person.
by Anonymous September 27, 2003
A females backdoor entry. Anus
Come on baby, give me some chicken girl.
by Shoom May 15, 2003
A yummy food bird. They are deadly, though. BLEACH YOUR BOARDS AFTER CUTTING CHICKEN.
by Astrakhan April 06, 2003
the most hilarious word ever, also used to label an animal or food product.
"chicken biscuit!"
by weareundead12 August 12, 2011
The favorite food of niggers around the world
Did you see that nigger eatin his chicken?
by Danny Murder April 26, 2011

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