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1. The popping sound made when an object is removed from a moist area of suction such as a mouth or a bum hole.

2. Pauking of anykind is always loud and squishy.
Oh, that was loud. Own up! Who pauked?
by Jamedeme May 30, 2006
The Korean way of saying a common Korean last name, "Park". Now it is frequently used as the f-word.
Pauk you, Kelvin.
by phoenicamacia October 30, 2011
A frail homosexual male who is quite desperate to have sex and gain size in the gym. A pauk usually enjoys watching sunsets while being penetrated from the rear.
That small pauk always trys to steal my girlfriend but fails and has sex with men.
by Pauk3000000 August 19, 2011
Yautja swear word which translates roughly to the exclamatory "fuck!" according to the Aliens vs Predator novels
What the unholy pauk?
by wiffleballcat June 26, 2016
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