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One who takes pride in leading feeble men, the losing general in a short war
Man, that guy is one serious chicken master
by chickenmaster March 23, 2007
The name of the man who is believed to have eaten 10 buckets of chicken in 3 minutes, hence "Chicken Master". It is also believed that chicken master doesn't chew on his chicken, but merely swallows it whole, we tried to contact the local KFfor confirmation but Chicken Master was unavailable at the time. Throughout Chicken Masters life, he has been the origin of many classic quotes, here is just a few of them: "Chicken? Chicken, answer me!! Chicken!?!? CHIIIKEENNNNN"
"Square Enix was bought by Microsoft"
"The following takes place between the drumstick, and the wing
"I'll have the chicken with a caesar salad, hold the salad"
"Splinter Cell is better than metal gear solid"
He also likes to tell boring stories about spanish class.
Chicken master sucks
by H@10 m0dd3ers October 03, 2006
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