1) a mexican, girl with a nice booty...
2) a cracker like puff thats chicken flavor
3) a country nigga that has a speech inpedement
1) ooo that mami got "chicken biscuits"...
2) mmmmmm i love "chicken biscuits"...
3) that ol' "chicken biscuit" lookin coon...
by "la-kwon" August 14, 2008
Top Definition
the breakfast of champions
damn man, i had a chicken biscuit for breakfast and i'm craving some booty.
by Cid Saijin April 22, 2005
1. A term used to describe the gas produced while giving a hot beef injection to chicken again. The gas can originate as a fart but most commonly is a result of a queef.
2. Can also refer to gas in general (fart or queef) from chicken again without any sexual connotation.
Damn, Brian just took a nose hit of chicken biscuit when he was glazing the chicken again.
by Woody Johnson December 06, 2006
The act of emitting flatulance into another person's shower, usually as a surprise act followed by a rapid escape.
My girl was taking forever to get ready for dinner, so I snuck up to the shower, dropped my pants, pulled back the curtain, stuck my ass in and gave her a chicken biscuit, then got the hell out of there.
by Freshmouse November 21, 2008
1) n. a stinky pussy
2) v. dress up as a peep and cover her in bisquick
"man, that girl the other night had a f*cking chicken biscuit."
by gina mcKracken April 05, 2008
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