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A rebuke for ill-considered or unsuccessful behavior; often, a parody of the phrase, "Bad dog! No biscuit!"
A website devoted to bad writing and its prevention:
"Bad fanfic! No biscuit!"

A math teacher to a class:
"No! No cancelling across a plus sign! Bad algebra! No biscuit!"

A blogger about his slow computer:
"Bad network! No biscuit!"
by Amar Nagesh May 18, 2009
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Phrase coined by Amy C. Ralston and John P. Ralston playing Wiff'n'Proof ca 1978. Amy was 4 years old. The result of not guessing a pattern was declared "no biscuit" by Amy. Biscuits were not involved, but "no biscuit" was more fun than saying "no peg".
"I guess red".
"No biscuit".
by John P. Ralston August 19, 2003
when you dont have a biscuit
im hungry, i wish i wasnt in the state of no biscuit
it means that you cant touch me cuz im too fly for your type.
what i meant was that you cant touch me but your mom can.
by virgil roberts May 10, 2003

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