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When you have sex with a MILF and her daughter simultaneously. Proof is generally required to confirm accomplishment of the act. Those who complete the task are encouraged to call their best friend, next of kin and/or parents. Automatically bestows legendary status by default.
Steve: "Hey Lenny I got your text last night at three in the morning, did you really get you some chicken and eggs?".

Lenny: "Hell yeah I did. I got the pictures right here to prove it".
by Lorethe2nd October 29, 2015
A non-sequiter that implies excitement.
"Hey, there's a killer party this weekend!"
"Chicken and eggs!"
by DougCo November 22, 2007
Translated from Spanish: pollo y huevos. A humorous way of saying penis and balls.
Did you get to play with his chicken and eggs?
by Onlylivonce July 21, 2016
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