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alternate spelling of choon. a highly regarded piece of music, usually by a DJ or an avid record collector.
My mate just picked up a set of the wickedest chewns at the record store!
by ebeaudio September 07, 2010
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(choon) v. p.t. 1. that which has been crushed or ground usu. with the teeth 2. that which has been meditated upon or considered at great length.
ex. 1. "May I have another stick of gum, this one has been previously chewn."

ex. 2. "Alright, your mother and I have chewn it over and we were pwned on teh basketball court 1as7 nigh7! ROYML! PWNAGE!!!111oneoneone"
by Mitchell West November 03, 2006
Verb Past Tense.

Food that you've chewed up, but it is no longer chewable.
Laura was chewn on some nacho's earlier. They were tasty.
by Robot from Flowers July 26, 2006
The stretch of skin connecting either the testicles or vagina to the anus.
Would you like to see my chewn?
by pmbb December 06, 2005

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