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the combination of chink - jewish - nigger. ch(ink)ew(jew)ger(nigger). This rare form of human has been known to exist in northern parts of North America.
That fucking chewger ate my lunch.
by rofls July 28, 2004
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A Chewger is a term used to describe the wife (slave) of an overweight Scottsman.
Adam: "I do say Samule, do you know how to fly this plane?"
Samule: "Not at all. Perhaps you and your chewger may help me."
Adam: "Right on then. Chewger, get me a keg of ale eh."
Samule: "That's a mighty good pib I dare say Adam my boy."
Adam: "Indeed it is."
Both: Drinking profusely
by Mr. Mike September 13, 2004
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