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A rare deformity occuring in the penis where the width of the shaft is longer than the entire penis.
Brandon Harvey got pantsed the yesterday. We all laughed at him because he has a cheswick
by Jeremy Marty-Dougas December 06, 2006
5 14
Male genetalia that is larger in girth than it is in length.
I couldn't bang her because I have a cheswick.
by William Burner November 04, 2003
51 22
A penis whose length is shorter than its diameter.
That fat British bastard was sporting a cheswick in the men's lockerroom.
by grogan's heroes June 19, 2003
37 25
An long extremely thin penis
My Cheswick was out of my pants and someone thought it looked like a pencil
by Jewfro418 June 08, 2010
6 18