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A small town in New Jersey, where the kids either go to public school or a small select group go to private schools in another town. A town where all the girls go get mani-pedis on Friday afternoons. Where we have to drive 15 minutes just to reach our beloved Coach and Louis Vuitton stores and where we sit in the local diner drinking coffe. Where the some girls dress with almost nothing on.
We travel as far as we can to the closets mall and all we want is a Coach store in the new Chester Mall.
by L Belle February 11, 2006
A town in north eastern nj located in morris county, full of rich kids who go to school at Mendham High School or Villa Walsh/Delbarton. See "Mendham"
by lalalalalaaaaaaa October 16, 2008
A mild perve. Male Or Female in a joking sort.
"Whats up Chester caught ya in the xxx section of the video store."
by Ray Magdaleno December 09, 2006
a support for the boobs; bra.
She has forgotten to put her chester on.
by uttam maharjan June 06, 2010
A super sexy coach or a basketball team, who never gets upset with his team and always has a smile on his face.
I love chester.
by garyd3333333333 July 31, 2011
chester hick town with lots of dutchy rich kids waitin to get the shit kicked out of them.
you know that rich kid from chester?
yea got his head kicked in yesterday.
f**king dutchbag.
by dsmallz March 27, 2009
Taking pictures of yourself having orales with your elbow and sending it to your best friends.
my friend got happy when saw the Chester
by Beaconmaster February 13, 2008