its dr. pepper with a taste of vanilla and cherry. its really good if you drink it ice cold right out of the can.
kid: mommy, will you buy me a cherry vanilla dr. pepper?
mother: no son, we are way too poor. how about i buy you a cherry vanilla dr. skipper instead?
by skin May 16, 2005
Top Definition
A tasty beverage with far too many adjectives in its name.
Man 1: What is that seemingly delicious concoction you have there, Jimmy?
Jimmy/Man 2: Why, it's only Cherry Vanilla Dr.-
Man 1: Too late, lost interest, shiny objects, fudge, weeeee!
Also known as CVDP. Awesome flavor variation of the original Dr Pepper. Has more of a cherry taste to it and it has enough red food dye to stain your teeth pink. Available in regular and diet but the jerks at CCE of Greater New York don't think that people these days don't all drink diet soda. Philly Coke has both though, thank God.
I finally found not-diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper in an Acme outside Philly. They also had Canada Dry Wishniak Cherry. Score!
by someone18 September 08, 2006
A nasty ass concoction that has way too much smack mixed in it. Why the hell is the name so long?
cherry vanilla dr.pepper sure as hell don't make the world taste better

Who the fuck drinks something thats nine syllables?
by sTaR zZz May 19, 2005
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