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Remix to the song chocolate rain created by Tay Zonday that was extremely popular on you tube. Tay was later paid a huge amount of money by diet dr. pepper so the remix could be used as an advertisement. The original song refered to racism before he became a (sell out) for the remix.
"Chocolate rain, the prisons make u wonder where it went".
replace chocolate rain with racism.

"She hit me like a ton of bricks, i call her cherry chocolate rain."
cherry chocolate rain now reffering to some bitch in a red dress hold a bottle of dr. pepper.
by Young JJ December 28, 2007
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The bloody fecular dischage achieved after consuming of spicy or "hot" foods. Usuually the cause of a redish bowl stain due to blood, the almighty chocolate rain was once worshiped as a visitation of Plopulos, the god of human waste, by some pre-christian cultures.
Man, that Taco Bell I ate sure did give the cherry chocolate rain.
by D_Jap March 24, 2008
The action of removing one's penis from a woman in the middle of doggie-style anal sex where there is evident rectal bleeding and flicking it in a way so that her waste falls in specs on her back.
"Yo, I was hanging out with my bitch last night and had her ripped wide open then I heard thunder outside so I thought it appropriate to give her some cherry chocolate rain."
by D_Jap March 24, 2008

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