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Chemdog is NOT a cross of SourDiesel and OG Kush, whomever posted this is ignorant.

Chemdog IS a strain grown in Montana, sold in Colorado for years, purchased by a person in Massachusetts, during the time when the chemdog was in Mass, the chemdog in Montana and CO stopped flowing due to leo and was left alone with the "Chemdog" (person) in Mass, There were 12 original beans, two originals males. The first female became Chemdog '91, there were chemA and chemB phenos and then in 2000 chem sister and Chem D were grown out and loved by many, The leftover seeds were brought back to CO to be grown out and now account for four more phenotypes. There are also many other hybrids including Geisel, Snodog, bubblechem among others. The SOURDIESEL is actually a sensi seeds 1986 Super Skunk grown out in VA for a while, brought to Mass. and a herm flowered this skunk and these accidental seeds were grown out in Albany and NYC and renamed the SourDiesel. (ps- Diesel is 91 Chemdog just renamed) Og Kush is Chemdog renamed when it made its way to the west coast.
Don't trust the clubs when they say they have chemdog D for 25 a gram, grow it yourself!
by kushead February 22, 2007
nickname for 74D10 MOS in the U.S.Army.
short for Chemical Operations Specialist or Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Operation Specialist
Chemdogs are there in case a unit is attacked with biological or chemical weapons
by bundles74 May 11, 2007
A Strain of marijuana, It is a cross of new york sour diesel and OG kush, It has a fruity tangy smell and taste.
it is completey coverd in trichomes(crystals), Chemdog also puts off a very strong smell and must be completey sealed shut, And it's flowering time:8 to 10 weeks.
Dude this is some killer chemdog!
by go0000000000000ogle bob October 18, 2006

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