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Tar Heroine, NOT MARIJUANA (who the hell would think that)?
lets go smoke some cheeva and get smacked out!
by Klix June 28, 2007
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a mexican term for heroin, usually tar do to mexican heroin is tar. Alot of people think this is a slang term for pot. they are wrong. but slang can mean anything so if you wanna use a slang term for marijuana, it would be "cheeba" not "cheeva"
1. I was dopesick, so i looked for junkies to help me score some cheeva. -heroin

2. That was some fine green cheeba steve smoked with us last night! -marijuana
by wiggnout November 05, 2010
Another word for marijuana. A slang term.
Do you smoke cheeva? aka Do you smoke marijuana.
by Joey March 06, 2005
A slang term for marijuana. Other words: weed, dank, mary jane, etc.
To get high, I smoke cheeva.
by Joey March 06, 2005

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