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When someone has an unusually large smile on their face for some reason, teeth shown, like a 3rd grader asked to say cheese for a school picture
Look at tommy man, cheesing out, fool defiantly got laid last night
by Mandel21 March 10, 2009
the act of listening to the band string cheese incident while having had the brain altering combined experience of 10 years of multiple doses, phash shows and other hetti narcotics what do you mean
Lee: "what do you mean"
Lee: "you guys wanna come downstairs?"
Lee: "what do you mean"
Dhe: "what do you mean?"
Lee: "im going downstairs to cheesing out wanna come..what do you mean"
Lee: "what do you mean"
by ameswhatdoyoumean August 09, 2010

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