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A convention held in Nazareth County where various cheeses are eaten and discussed. Also known as CON.
"Dude, Go drink wine eat cheese."
"Dude, f*** off to CON."
by Soiled Undergarment August 07, 2003
The pathetic excuse for humor, the annoyance of one's own opinion to state utterance of what he cannot comprehend.

Cheeses of Nazareth are Cheeto's made in Nazareth, plus it is known as sarcasum of what religion has portrayed as a negitive effect upon society for many, many years.

This however does not excuse the first definition on this page. The guy who wrote that is just an ignorant bastard.
"Cheeses of Nazareth taste better then american cheeto's." "Yeah, they do, and that reminds me of the BS religion has done to our country, world. Someone should do something about the misinformation of societies common knowledge."
by Jon January 08, 2004
a funny way to make fun of that Jesus Christ guy. Because people don't like that dude anymore. It sounds like "jesus of nazareth." get it? It's funny. Jesus...what a stupid bastard. So he died for my sins...but then he got to come back to life 3 days later? What bull-shit. I know of plenty of people who died for better reasons than that...and they didn't get to come back to life 3 days later.
Cheeses of Nazareth...mmmm, sacrilicious
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