A person who lives in Wancheese, NC. These people do nothing but hunt and fish. They wear fishing boots 24-7 and marry their cousins.
You are such a damn Cheeser.
by Scott March 09, 2005
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in the gaming world, a person who repeatedly performs the same moves in fighting games (such as in Soul Caliber, Street Fighter, etc) in order to win
Wow, Jimmy is such a cheeser; all he ever does is that damned sweep-kick.
by KarmaGhost April 27, 2004
'Cheeser' and 'Cheesing' are terms meaning someone in gaming who spams imbalanced attacks or uses lame methods for a quick win.
Ex 1: I played some Cheeser in Starcraft yesterday and that douchebag pylon blocked my mineral line;how cheesy is that? Luckily I skipped gas and 4 rax rine rushed that chobo.

Ex 2: God! That fusla3 is such a cheeser. Look at him abusing that ballista.
by JThrasher July 10, 2008
One who constantly wines and snivels about life and things.
Joe, why are you such a cheeser all the time?
by Soul_at_sea February 13, 2014
A small mouse belonging to Stan Smith from American Dad who saves him from a group of terrorists
"Cheesers came Back"
by opo910 May 11, 2012
derived from the word said while posing for a picture "say cheese" a cheeser is a smile. when someone is cheesin there usually smiling. a cheeser is an excessively large smile. Cheeser can also can be used as a verb
I think ill be cheesin hard in my graduation picture
Did u see the cheeser on Bob wen they called out his name over the PA
by PhillyDude5 March 10, 2006
A cheeser is someone is who is excessively greasy. Cheeser's are commonly people who do not shower, or wait long periods of time before showering. Originated from when certain cheese is heated up the grease is exposed.
"Look at his greasy hair! He is such a cheeser!"
"Look at that gang of children, their a bunch of cheeser's."
by Thereyougo. March 20, 2010
A guy who always says the sweetest things. They enjoy making people smile and laugh. When you become friends with a cheeser you definately won't regret it. They tend to be very loyal and super sweet. Constantly reminding you how pretty you are and making you feel like your their number one girl. They are an over all amazing guy. A lot of girls want to date him, but he only has his eyes on you. Definitely Boyfriend material. They won't go a day without reminding you how happy you make them. Dating a cheeser would then make you a cheesy couple. He'll remind you everyday why you just had to say yes. He's the gentleman you always wanted
Chelsea: yes my boyfriend is definitely a cheeser.
Honey: why?

Chelsea: because he always has something sweet to say to me.

Honey: well that's what a cheeser does.
by Chewy25 February 01, 2013

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