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Renting a coach bus was too expensive, so the sorority girls wound up going to their party in a cheesebox.
by RJB May 03, 2004
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The inside workings of the human brain


The brain
Come on Calum, Use Your Cheesebox
by JoJ1977 November 02, 2007
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That cheese box is transporting the cranks, the stoics, the ragtag dreamers of tomorrow!
by Nude Fontanelle February 05, 2009
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something my father used to name a vagina. when i was young, i was reminded not to let ANYONE touch my cheesebox. my father used this word because he was uncomfortable with me knowing what a VAGINA was.
"Lexi, if anyone touches your CHESSEBOX, you are to tell me right away no matter who it is."

"Make sure you wash your CHEESEBOX well"
by Alexis Thompson December 03, 2007
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when you eat a girl out during her period
man me and kathryn cheese boxed all night long
by jojojo December 06, 2006
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Adult book store? Why? I have my cheesebox!
by Anima May 23, 2003
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