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1) A person who is aroused by ones body cheeses.

2) A person who eats fromunda cheese / ear cheese / boob cheese/ butt cheese

3) Booty sweat / Ass Juice

4) Residence of Wisconsin

5) An act you can pay a hooker to do for a price
Mayor of Munchy: "Hey McFly, I got this girl in Green Bay to do something nasty!"

McFly: " What? When you went deer hunting in the U.P. for a week?"

Mayor of Munchy: "Ya Dude, our last day there, I meet a cheese-muncher!"

McFly: "Huh?"

Mayor of Munchy: "She ate my fromunda cheese. It was so gross!"
by Cheese4green September 23, 2011
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One who has succesfully eaten enough cheese to kill themselves
The man died of cheese-munching
by tom pollock October 09, 2004
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