A person who smiles in your face (as in "say cheese") and when you turn your back or your not around he/she stabs you in the back (weasel).
From his vicious arrogant smile I knew right away the car salesman was a real cheese weasel.
by Kingpin3 February 01, 2011
Top Definition
A fictional holiday mascot like the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. Cheese Weasel Day is April 3rd, or the following Monday if the 3rd falls on a weekend. On this day, supposedly the cheese weasel leaves a slice of cheese (most typically American cheese) under the keyboard of those who've been good during the past year to find when they arrive at work. Sometimes there are also greeting cards bearing related poetry. This holiday has been observed since at least 1992, and seems primarily associated with computer geek culture.

This morning when I got in to work, I was asked, "Did the Cheese Weasel visit you last night? Have you been good?"
There was a slice of Kraft American cheese under my keyboard.
"I guess you've been good then."

by akb427 November 15, 2007
One who removes the cheese and/or toppings of another person's pizza.
Get your mitts off my pizza, you cheese weasel.
by SabreFreek July 21, 2010
Mythical creature that sneaks into your room at night to thumb cheese under your foreskin
Had to have a quick shower before work this morning cause the cheese weasel visited me last night
by Mrurbandictinary May 13, 2016
The cartoon character created by Jim Ridings. But even before that, April 3rd has always been a public holiday in some places because it is Cheeseweasel Day. He is said to put Cheese under your computer keyboard every year on April 3rd, but only for the good girls and boys. He also has a song, which can be downloaded from the main Cheeseweasel Website. The cheeseweasel has many websites, but I cannot mention the URL because that would be advertising.
(Words taken from the Cheeseweasel Song)

Who brings cheese on April 3rd?
He's not a silly bunny or a rabbit or a bird

by Kieran Jones February 26, 2005
a low individual. Someone who lacks responsibility and accountability. One who leaves work to others.
" John always put's through a project right before lunch. So I end up having to do 75% of that cheese-weasel's work for him."
by paul January 19, 2004
Noun: Someone who hangs out with people who have money, with the sole intent of using them to score free things, meals, drinks, etc; someone who goes out on dates to score free meals; dinner whore; gold digger.

Verb: To take or hog something with total disregard to the owner; to greedily take or keep something to one's self that is supposed to be shared; bogart.
Noun: That cheese weasel got me to spend all of my money on her, then she took off!

Verb: Don't cheese weasel all the chips!
by DjSuzySolar September 10, 2006
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