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Impromptu decision to walk out on a job or event at the last minute or without giving any notice.
A. "Did you hear about Jim? He got fed up at work and just walked out."
B. "I know. He totally pulled a Franklin."

A. "I feel bad for Jennie. Her fiance just walked out of their marriage ceremony and left her standing at the altar."
B. "Wow! He didn't strike me as the type to pull a Franklin."
by SabreFreek October 15, 2010
One who removes the cheese and/or toppings of another person's pizza.
Get your mitts off my pizza, you cheese weasel.
by SabreFreek July 21, 2010
An item presented on an infomercial that has multiple, seemingly unrelated, and usually worthless uses.
TV Infomercial: "Don't you hate when shredded cheese needs to be shredded finer? Don't you also hate when vomit from a sick family member clogs a drain? Not any longer. The VomieShredder get's the job done. Just 5 easy payments of $19.99 plus $17 for shipping and handling"

Wife: "That's amazing! We need one of those."

Husband: "Are you nuts. That's Infojunk."
by SabreFreek January 14, 2011

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