During the act of oral sex, the female proceeds by sucking on the males penis at the same time, slightly biting down, adding teeth to the act, thus imitating the cheese grading effect. It is not the most comfortable feeling, however, what ever tickles your fancy!
"Last night this bitch gave me a Cheese Grader, so I SHAZZAMED in her face!"
by Johhny Rocket 69 November 19, 2008
Top Definition
The act of pooping in the shower, then using ones big toe to rub the larger particles against the metal grate at the bottom to get the chunks through the drain.
The other day after I had already gotten in the shower, a sever case of abdominal cramps hit me. Fearing wetting the floor,making the transition from shower to toilet, or toilet paper sticking to my rear, I squatted down and released my bowls into the shower.

Due to the fact the night before I had peanuts and corn for dinner there was an abundance of particulate that were to big to breach the metal grate to the drain. I used my big toe and rubbed the corn and peanuts against the metal screen using it like a cheese grader until the pieces were small enough to get through!
by NIKKY T April 18, 2014
A dry handjob that results in wounded flesh, resembling the effects of a grader on cheese
Me: Dude, Carolyn just gave my a dry handi, it was brutal

Anthony: Oh shit, she pulled out the cheese grader!
by Italianhorn April 24, 2011
when a male has incestual sex with father
oh man last night i was so drunk i graded cheese.
hey did ya hear tom is a cheese grader
by I.B.M.T.P May 05, 2011
when a man rubs the tip of his penis onto a womans teeth
l_l_l_l_l_l (==3

An illustration of the cheese grader
by TwatSplitter July 17, 2010
1.) what people use to grade cheese
2.) a way of making holes in your pants and making them vintage!
1.) "hey man bring over your cheese grader for the party we got some sick ill nasty cheese over here!"
2.) I like to use a cheese grader on my pants.
by Caroline Satterthwaite April 14, 2006
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