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This is a less offensive way of saying "Jesus Christ"

It originated with the movie 'The Faculty'. In the real version, one of the characters exclaimed "Jesus Christ!" but in the edited TV version, they had it changed to "Cheese and rice!"
Guy #1: Aliens landed on Earth!
Guy #2: Cheese and rice!
by crowdish November 15, 2003
1. A way of saying Jesus Christ without really saying it.

2. An expression similar to Wow! or Holy cow!, used to express happiness, stupidity, or
1. "Cheese and Rice, that driver almost hit me!"

2. "Cheese and Rice Dave, You're so dumb."
by Elki Venshwitz April 01, 2007
A less offensive, yet more hilarious way of saying 'Jesus Christ'.

Found in the TV show 'Frisky Dingo'.
Cheese and Rice, he shot himself! And with my gun somehow!
by little_cupcake August 27, 2008
for those people unfortunate enough to go to a religious school where you can't use the lord's name in vain, this sounds exactly the same.
(shit happens)
"cheese and rice!"
by amelia ann April 30, 2009
Expressing dismay when you are too stupid or preoccupied to say fuck or an other word.
(airhead blonde drops something) Oh Cheese-and-rice!
by senior peaches July 20, 2003
a way of saying jesus christ with out offending other.
instead of "jesus christ your a retard!" its "cheese and rice your a retard!"
by drew rowe October 17, 2004
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