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A term used to describe someone that not only is a wanker, but also a cheesy wanker. It does not mean that that person wanks off nor wanks off to cheese or with cheese. It just means that that person is a loser, douche bag, hated, etc.
Al: You know Bob from accounting? The one that kisses so much ass? He got promoted.

Jack: What?! What a fucking cheese wank. That makes me wanna T-bag him.
by Fonetix1 November 24, 2008
A person who masturbates using cheese because he/she can not get a person of the opposite sex to make love to them. These people are scum to society and deserve to be shot and hung. Most cheesewankers (including the example) eat the cheese after they are done stroking themselves.
Steve Na Who Is The Biggest Cheesewanker In The Universe
by JD BG April 12, 2005
1:*sniff sniff* eww ben have u been cheesewanking?
2:No that is you...
1:Oh yeah betta have a bit of spring cleaning
2:Last time i did that i got a feather caught in there!!!
Look above ^^^^^^^^ !!!You cheesewank!!!
by warren March 19, 2004
Like a normal wank but spreadable cheese is smeared all over the penis before masturbation takes place.
Hairy Johnny Naye was horny after seeing Noddy bend over at work so he decided to have a cheesewank when he went home.
by Pervy P April 28, 2009
males masterbating in a hole of a piece of cheese. or to wank it with a piece of cheese
go have sex with more cheese you cheesewank!
by justin March 27, 2004
When you wank using a hole in a piece of cheese. Only gayboys do it, so it is used as an insult.
You cheesewank!
by TT March 17, 2004
This where retarded people with no cocks wank cheese instead for cheap thrills.
"Shut it u cheese wank"
by warren March 16, 2004
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