A SPORT that consists of lifting other girls in the air that sometimes weigh less than 100 pounds, but usually are heavier. Not only do we lift these girls in the air, keep time, dance, be flexible, tumble, and LOOK GOOD WHILE DOING IT. Also, I'd like to see any of you yell, loudly, while tumbling, smiling and holding others in the air. However, many cheerleaders take games, where they cheer for their school's team, and must stay positive no matter how bad this team is losing, as a joke. It's just something that they're "required" to do to compete in their high school competition. Otherwise, they just join a non-school competition (all-star) team.
I agree, jumping around like an idiot is not a sport. Lifting people in the air that most of the time are barely smaller than you, tumbling, dancing and yelling for at least 3 minutes is. Members of other sports occasionally participate in conditioning, and possibly even switch over, because cheerleading is a more challenging SPORT. Come to a competition before you judge us and say that this isn't a sport. At least in football, if you drop what you're supposed to be catching, all you'll get is shit from your coaches and teammates. In cheer, if we drop the PERSON we're supposed to be catching, we get shit from our coaches and teammates, not to mention that the girl could get seriously hurt and even DIE.
Not all cheerleaders are sluts, whores, or stupid. More girls who participate in other sports participate in these "less than wholesome" activities. Also, the stereotype that cheerleaders are mean to people of other "cliques" is completely wrong. Firstly, everyone isn't best friends on the cheer team. Has anyone noticed that people are naturally friends with others who participate in the same activities as them? But, you don't see that stereotype for girls who play volleyball or volunteer together. Also, we don't hate others who don't act like us. Yeah, we get sick of some of the people on our team too, but at least we support them and have to ability to make friends outside of our "clique", unlike others who are extremely negative about people who dress differently/take the time to dress nice/don't slit their wrists! In fact, there's even one t.v. show where a high school girl wanted to try out for her school's cheerleading squad. In this particular episode, the girl, who would have been previously classified as "emo" received much more criticism from her boyfriend and friends and was much more accepted by the girls who were helping her to learn more about cheer. We don't pick our friends by who they make fun of or what they wear.
Person 1: Cheerleading isn't a sport. All they do is wear short skirts and be slutty. Not to mention their stupid.
Person 2: Why don't you try to do a roundoff back-handspring back-tuck back-handspring full? Not to mention you used the wrong 'their in your sentence. It should be they're, as in the contraction of they and are. Who's stupid now?
by SarahAL August 15, 2007
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A sport that is a mixture of dance, trampoling and gymnastics.

Yes. I said "sport", even though I don't do it. And I'll tell you why.

I'm a 800 metre runner for my school. 800 metres takes me three minutes. How long does a routine take? Oh, wait, let's see. Three minutes. Those who say that it "doesn't last long enough to be considered a sport" shouldn't consider athletics one, either. But you do, don't you? So... well. That arguement doesn't work.

What about it's "not hard enough"? Well, weights is a sport, no? And cheerleading - proper, competitive cheerleading - includes weight-lifting, in the stunts, no?
You say "well, it's four people lifting one"... umm.. have you ever seen it? The weight is carried by two - the others are just for safety.
Also, my friend's coach and her do this stunt where it's just him holding up her. You can't say weights is a sport and cheerleading isn't.

How about when you say "it's just a bunch of girls screaming"... god, have you ever seen rounders? Whenever they score a rounder, they're all like, "AHH!! WELL DONEE!! OMG!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" and clap and everything.

Umm.. to the dudes saying "all they do is flip a little" - well, gymnastics is just that, correct?

I have heard even lamer arguements, such as "jumping around a little isn't a sport!". What about high jump, long jump, triple jump and trampoling?

Or even - laugh my ass off - "only things that are against another team are sports." What about COMPETIVE cheerleading? This is the one my friend does. You - guess what - COMPETE against - can you even believe it? - OTHER TEAMS to try and - oh my god - WIN. ¬.¬'
My friend is a cheerleader! =)
Yes. She likes cheerleading.
by agb2001 June 20, 2009
Legal soft-core porn performance for horny teenagers and perv dudes at public events.
In American Beauty when Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) attend one of his daughter's cheerleading performances, he watch something that makes him come alive...
by simon.csv August 29, 2007
cheerleading IS a sport .
no matter what people actually think , some of the things we do out there you wouldnt even be able to do.
yeah you think that lifting a girl above your head seems easy , well it isnt .. dont go around thinking that were lifting a 100 pound anorexic girl when we arnt , there are MANY tops who weight waay more then that and we still lift them, and yes .. we DO compete and the intention for that IS to win, we dont just go out there and think "oh lets show off our bodys to make our score higher" we go out there with our routine with we made to try and get the most points to beat other cheer teams , when we cheer on the side lines is just for fun. did you guys know that cheerleading is the SECOND most dangerous SPORT in high school? i kinda doubt that you knew that . and yes football maybe the first most dangerous but in cheerleading you could actually die if something bad happens , ive even heard dtorys from my own coach that someone on his cousins team had his finger RIPPED off when he was doing his basketoss, like seriously guys, cheerleading IS a sport .. theres no doubt about it .
in cheerleading you do many things that other sports do BY THE WAY .
by cheer lover 2010 August 18, 2010
A sport. Well, the competitive type. For all who consider cheerleading not being a sport, you are wrong. Working as hard as any other sport is what cheerleaders do. "Cheerleaders are people who spend hours and hours a day all year round perfecting their craft in well-developed and highly organized team activities that culminate in a victory or defeat at well-developed and highly organized national championship competitions." -Fanhouse. Now isn't that the definition of a sport?
Cheerleading is a very competitive year-round sport.
by Lindsay P. September 01, 2010
people think cheerleaders are slutty girls who like to show guys themselves. people think cheerleading is for people who cant do any sports. umm, wrong? i do gymnastics, and cheerleading. cheerleading is very hard and takes a lot of practice. girls i do cheerleading with, you'd be suprised to hear what they do. some play soccer, volleyball, even hockey... ALL SPORTS. guess what? cheerleading is too; so shut the fuck up.
girl: wow, do you see those cheerleaders? just a bunch of sluts..

guy: umm actually i used to do cheerleading. make fun of me, whatever. but its really hard. i give credit to those girls.

girl: but..

guy: just stop.
by ticklemetorya♥ November 04, 2010
IS A SPORT. im tired of people saying its not a sport, because technically it is. and by the way if your in "colorguard" all your doing is waving a stupid flag. so if you think cheerladings not a sport your wrong. cheerleaders do HARD WORK. such as gymnastics. can you do a back handspring? back tuck? nah...didnt think so. can you be thrown/throw someone up in the air and catch them with PERFECT techniqe? nah...didnt think so. can you remember multiple cheers chants and dance routines along with motions and ripples? and do them all loud, clear, and perfect along side of many others? nah...didnt think so. cheerleaders ARE athletes. were in great physical shape and are flexiable. everybody else is just jealous because guys LIKE cheerleaders. so they need to have a reality check, just because YOU cant do it doesnt mean its not a sport. and im SO tired of the dumb blonde cheerleader sterotype. YES i am blonde and YES i am an accomplished cheerleader but NO im not stupid. im taking ALL HONORS CLASSES okay? so get over the movies and books and look at whats real. cheerleading IS a sport!! and we look cute while doing it ;) we support the other teams AND go to competitons. just because we wear skirts doesnt makes us sluts. tennis players wear skirts for goodness sake. and cheerleading requires determination and will power! so stop hating and realize how stupid you look.
Guy 1: dude, cheerleaders are SO hot.
Guy 2: i know man, i know.

Girl 1: i wish i was a cheerleader.
Girl 2: haha yeah right, you aint got what it takes.

Cheerleader 1: i love cheerleading!
Cheerleader 2: omg me too! its the best SPORT ever!
by cheer_dance_life♥ August 30, 2010
A SPORT so everyone that disagrees can shut up. Can YOU lift a 110 pound girl in the air above your head, then switch feet IN THE AIR and catch the other foot? Can you throw a girl about 20 feet in the air and then catch her? NO I didn't think so. Cheerleading takes practice and hard work and dedication. Yes it may only be 3 minutes but in that 3 minutes we do more than most of the other sports do in the whole game. We run, jump, stunt, tumble, and have to remember motions and counts. And if we get injured or anything, we ignore it and go on with what we're doing. If ANYONE in any other sport got hurt, they would stop in the middle of whatever they're doing and have the person sit out but in cheer we work through the pain because it is that important. Cheerleading is year round. We don't get an off season or whatever so we are practicing all the time. What other sport does that? NONE, except for gymnastics. We wear skirts or shorts, but it's just like basketball players wearing shorts. We wear what we wear because it makes sense with what we're doing. No sport wears jeans, long pants or anything because it would make it hard to do what you need to do. Volleyball players wear spandex and . It's not our fault we make it look easy, that's what our practices are for and thats why it's year round because we have to be PERFECT. We are catching people and so if we mess up we don't just drop some little ball, we drop a person.
boy #1: Those girls work really hard! What are they doing
boy #2: They're cheerleading! It's a really hard sport!
by cheerforliife September 10, 2011
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