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A SPORT so everyone that disagrees can shut up. Can YOU lift a 110 pound girl in the air above your head, then switch feet IN THE AIR and catch the other foot? Can you throw a girl about 20 feet in the air and then catch her? NO I didn't think so. Cheerleading takes practice and hard work and dedication. Yes it may only be 3 minutes but in that 3 minutes we do more than most of the other sports do in the whole game. We run, jump, stunt, tumble, and have to remember motions and counts. And if we get injured or anything, we ignore it and go on with what we're doing. If ANYONE in any other sport got hurt, they would stop in the middle of whatever they're doing and have the person sit out but in cheer we work through the pain because it is that important. Cheerleading is year round. We don't get an off season or whatever so we are practicing all the time. What other sport does that? NONE, except for gymnastics. We wear skirts or shorts, but it's just like basketball players wearing shorts. We wear what we wear because it makes sense with what we're doing. No sport wears jeans, long pants or anything because it would make it hard to do what you need to do. Volleyball players wear spandex and . It's not our fault we make it look easy, that's what our practices are for and thats why it's year round because we have to be PERFECT. We are catching people and so if we mess up we don't just drop some little ball, we drop a person.
boy #1: Those girls work really hard! What are they doing
boy #2: They're cheerleading! It's a really hard sport!
by cheerforliife September 10, 2011

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