A person, That is male or female. Cheerleaders usually lead on in chants for sports teams if they are recreational or cheer for their school. Some other cheer squads are competitive only, in which is a combination of chants, gymnastics and dance. Although most teams where a shell (cheerleading shirt) and a skirt above the knee, some teams have reverted into using spandex shorts for competitions. There is a constant confusion on whether or not this activity should be considered a sport.

Negative Character Associations (which may or may not be true)- Uppity, Snobby, Bully, Conceited, stupid.

Positive Character Associations (which may or may not be true)- Cheerful, Uplifting, Preppy, Energetic, silly.
---Friend A: Have you seen Jennifer?
-Friend B: Yeah! She's in the gym.
---Friend A: Why, we had plans for tonight. Don't you remember? The Party?
-Friend B: She told me the had to prepare for the cheerleading competition, then go home to study.
---Friend A: Oh my gosh, ever since Jennifer become a cheerleader she can never hang anymore.
by Je'Dinero May 04, 2013

A stupid, self-centered BITCH who only cares for herself. She sleeps with the entire football/basketball team and rejects nice guys who would treat them right for retards who only want to sex with them. They are dumb as hell and cheat off of smart people to barely pass all their classes. Usually physically and mentally weak so they have one of their jock boyfriends stick up for them. This is how I thought about ALL cheerleaders until I met one like the next description.


A kind, caring person who is NOT rude and self-centered. They are not sluts who sleeps around with jocks. They will give a nice guy a chance to show them real love. These cheerleaders are smart and honest and don't cheat off peoples stuff to pass and sometimes be some of the smartest people in the school. Good cheerleaders are hard workers and dedicated. They can be quite strong (especially bases who lift other cheerleaders). They stand up for themselves most of the time even though they have many people to back them up.


To all cheerleaders,

Most people who talk sh*t about cheerleaders have never gotten to know one or have only known an evil one. I've gotten to know an evil cheerleader so I used to hate cheerleaders. Then I met a good cheerleader and now I don't hate them anymore. When you defend your sport don't rant and bitch at the person fiercely because that person will see you as an immature bitch. Calmly explain how much hard work it takes and how cheerleaders are not all selfish. If that peron still doesn't get it, the person is not worth your time.

1. you can't be stupid if your a cheerleader, everyone seems to think so. but if you fail classes you'll get kicked off.
2. you usually have to be fairly strong, they have to lift people over their heads when stunting.
3. you usually have to be flexible, id like half the people who are saying bad things about cheerleaders try to be one for a day, they'd fail, lets see them do the splits.
4. they arnt all blonde, im a cheerleader and i have brown hair?
5. they arnt all preppy, i have girls on my squad that arnt preppy outside of cheerleading practice and games.
6. they have to have balance. half they girls get thrown up in the air, again.. id like to see some of the people who are saying bad things do that.

oh and last. you dont have to be pretty or skinny, its not like its a rule or something.
the cheerleaders were in the assembly today.
by PRINCESS; January 19, 2007
Wow. I swear, I have never met a group of such naive and prejeduced people before. All you believe are stereotypes! Here is the real definition of a cheerleader:

A person who simply enjoys cheering. I myself am not a cheerleader, but I know several girls who are, and none of them sleep around, nor are any of them bratty or spoiled. They like to cheer, just like people like to write, draw, or swim. Just because you don't cheer doesn't mean you should bash it. Everyone on here claims to be so open minded, but none of them hesitate to slap a label such as 'slut' 'prep' 'richgirl' or otherwise onto people who are human beings JUST LIKE THEM.
As for it not being a sport, I believe that it deserves to be called one. You have to be extremely flexible and spend hours each day practicing and stretching to do the flips, pyramids, and formations that cheerleaders do. When you can do a backhand spring, back flip, and hold up a girl that weighs as much as you do, all the while smiling, then you are free to call it what you want.
So please, before you bash these people and their hobby, think for a minute...are you really acting any better than what you are calling them?
I went to the basketball game to watch Alice play and her sister, Brittany, cheer. I thought they were both good, and they were both sore but happy afterwards.
by Shannon Lynn August 19, 2005
A cheerleader can be viewed as a sterotypical WHORE... but on the on the other hand.. not all cheerleaders are whores... Cheerleading is a sport and takes alot of time and hard work to achive great goals. A Cheerleader is a girl or guy who was given a job to rise the spirit of the crowd. Which most students choose to do on their own. But a cheerleader is a person who is more put together for the job. A cheerleader can be a person seen as a bitch or a person who spends most of her time working to achive her goals .. height in jumps, smiles, loud voices, being able to left PEOPLE over their head, remembering counts, pointing toes, well ok so most of the time just looking better than YOU :)
she is so loud she must be a cheerleader!!!
by meee... March 05, 2007
Stereotyped as a preppy, dumb, blonde slut who show alot of skin.
Let's get this straight: Cheerleaders are not dumb. I am a cheerleader and in fact have a GPA of 3.6 and if you have lower than a B- you're dropped from the squad. you have to work hard. 2nd, our team consists of every race and only 2 blondes. We all come from diffent backgrounds and were all different. We're also not sluts. (okay so there are 2, but they were sluts before they became cheerleaders) and by the way, its pretty hard to jump in the air and do flips and kicks in baggy pants without hurting outselves. and finally, being preppy... the point of cheerleaders is to cheer on their team with spirit.
"we're gonna win!"
"Yeah! Go team!"

"we're gonna win!"
"Yeah. whatever."
by onweohvionwqoagewg April 28, 2007
Girls that can't play sports so they yell at games and annot those who can play sports. Can be spotted because their skirts go up their asses.
Those cheerleaders are so skanky and sluty, I want to kill them all!
by Moose January 02, 2005
cheerleaders are... blah. sluts? yes. i think so. they need to get a life, stop being conceited, and have their mothers stay out of their damn business. cheerleaders are like dancers, just robots.
girl #1: not all cheerleaders are mean, rude, conceited, stuck up, and whores.
girl #2: yeah well have you been to my school?
girl #1: no..
girl #2: didn't think so.
by Melissa W. January 19, 2008

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