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A singer who got slapped dha shit out if her by chris brown
rihanna: so chris i read your emails
Chris: wtf **** slap****
rihanna: im calling the police
Chris: oh shit there goes my grammy!!
by Pompom138 March 03, 2009
Text messages that your friends send to you saying that if you dont fwd this txt you will be single, ugly or cursed forever. Basically a waste of txt messages and of space
Foward Text Message :If you dont not foward this txt you be cursed for the rest of your life!!
by Pompom138 May 31, 2009
Athletes who work hard to discard the hateful stereotypes that tv and movies have put into there heads. Im a cheerleader and im not a slut ho or a bitch.Y E S cheerleading is a sport that we work hard for. The competition consists of 4 different parts which are dance,stunt,tumbling,and cheer. Im sick and tired of being put down by you people who dont know a god damn thing about cheerleading. BeCause i promise you ,you couldnt do what we do if you tried. So the next time you go judging a cheerleader remember this. You are no better than we are.
P1: look at those cheerleaders
P2: yea i bet shes a whore
Me: stfu
by Pompom138 June 21, 2009

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