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adj. or n. 1.) description of hair style frequently worn by children of african descent, usually adorned with multiple barrettes or hair elastics, also known as washington squares; 2.) any person wearing such a hair style
Damn, look at that checkerhead....
by chica December 21, 2002

Words related to checkerhead

alternative mod new wave punk skater
a tortoiseshell colored kitty cat
my cat checkers
by mike pelgen August 18, 2003
In the 1980's this was a derogatory term used by outsiders to the alternative subculture to describe the growing mod/alternative/skater movement, usually those who listened to new wave, ska and punk. pre-goth
look at those checkerheads over there with their skateboards
by sastian November 14, 2006
a person who is loved . or someone another person can talk to very easily .
awww ! your so sweet my little checker head !
by brennakayy101 August 29, 2008