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Cheam is a smart area of outer London on the boundary with Surrey. It is in the much admired and very leafy London Borough of Sutton. It has at its centre a beautiful village and park. The park contains a mansion called Nonsuch. There are numerous trendy restaurants, gift shops and coffee houses in the village, along with a branch of Waitrose.

Cheam is very much the place to be for stylish people of all ages. It is truly EXCELLENT.
yuppy househunter: "all the nice areas around London are just sooo pricey..........."

yuppy 2: Move to Cheam; it's lovely and not too dear. It's the next place to be!
by .l March 11, 2014
The part of the a man's member where the head meets the shaft. The little inverted "v" in particular.
I seen this chick tickling his cheam with her tongue, it was awesome!
by superfunfartman November 17, 2006