Mordern American male name which can mean "free man" or "farmer".

An African American male who is determined to become a famous rapper. I shit you not, a BLACK rapper. Ground-breaking. Viewed by many as someone determined to fulfill his stereotypes.
Incorporates unnecessary rap and hip-hop lyrics, references, and quotes into everyday conversation, making it hard to take him seriously. Acts a fool when drunk or high. Overall is a good person and means well.

Is shamelessly cheap.

Would be amused and possibly offended if ever to read this.
"Don't pull a Chazz, pay me back for my weed"
by bitter239 August 16, 2009
Top Definition
The player of the century he can bed any girl he wants he just hast 2 look at a girl and they want him
chazz is a hott pimp
by lilpimp32342 April 10, 2004
a babycake and a half. one hot tamale. ;)
'you wish you were a chazz' or 'damnn she is such a chazz'
by chazzg December 26, 2008
The act of forcibly applying your anus to another person's face.
"Did you hear what happened to Mike?"
"No. What?"
"Chester straight-up chazzed him."
"No way!"
"Yep. Word is he bet he couldn't do a sit-up with a towel on his face, and the rest is history."
by Jinumon May 01, 2015
when the someone cums it is an act of chazzin,
"what is that? did someone chazz on your face?"
"ooooooh your gonna make me chazz"
by margarita January 21, 2004
Strange, humanoid mouse creature notorious for his obscure angles and genuinely rhetorical questons.
"Mad dumb, Chazz."
by Biglet D December 16, 2005
1. A member of the species chazzicus flazzicus
2. An orange mouse
3. One who chats on cheese
5. One with flazzy red hair and freckles
4. All of the above
Heya chazz! -chat chat chat-
by Honkers December 14, 2003
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