another name for coccaine...which can be used discreetly withought no1 knowing.
danny: eyup mate are you getting sum chays tonight?
dlt: yeh mate got some odered.
by Danny Scargill May 01, 2006
Top Definition
chay is like chill, it can be used to mean chill, but it can also mean chill where in context chill does not make sense. It also means anything having to do with semen or other male sexual activities.
Ya that dude was pretty chay back there

Im going to chay all over your hair and it will take weeks to get all my chay out
by ChaySauce May 03, 2010
To relax or calm
we straight chayin' in 301
Today was a chay day.
Chayin with my hombres during the break.
by BasedGoddddddd January 14, 2011
Australian slang for "choice", which, in itself is used in Australian slang to describe how cool a person, act or situation is.
Can also be used as a greeting or in a demeaning or sarcastic context, usually to describe a try-hard.
Izole! You see that guy? That backflip he did was pretty chay!

Man, I can't believe the air I got off that jump! That was pretty chay!

Aw, chay! Long time no see! What are you doin' all the way out Yarrabah way?

Ignore him, he thinks he's such a chay cunt.
by Auxen October 08, 2012
a; To spend an evening in recluse with some fine company.

b; To drink heavily within the confines of a couch and two love seats.
"I would rather chay at my place tonight than go out to the bar."

"We could be chay-ing at Pattie's house right now."

by Sushihouse August 22, 2014
a great personality that makes friends easily...also prone to facing jealousy from haters.
Wow, Chay's so I wish I could be like him!
by betterhaircutguy123 October 13, 2010
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