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an idiot, stupid person, any body and every body can be a chootia
choot marey chootia, gand marey shaitan aur jo donoon marey woh sab sey bara bhagwan
by Izzzy March 03, 2006
one who acts like pussy...and dumber than a god damn pig.
har koi chootia nahi hota aur vajpayee sab se bara chootia hai.
by pappu samraat November 10, 2003
anyone who is easily trapped.

A common term used in sub-continent (India and Pakistan).
Chootia originated from choot (Pussy). Once the term was used for a woman who can be easily persuaded by men for fucking.
Dont make him chootia, you cannot trap him.
by opo khan November 15, 2009
some one whos face is like an ugly black fucked up cunt
chaudry afzal you are the biggest chootia in this whole world
by zaheer September 04, 2003
jo choot say nikla ho
normally first child from women.
dave kay 4 bachay hain. Steve sab say bara hay aur offcourse chootia bhi..
by fernandez August 26, 2003
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