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a small little dick head who is about 5 foot tall and most probably got a 1.5 inch penis who dresses in nothing but branded clothes wears too much jewelry who thinks they are 10 men and acts asif they can hammer anyone (even the female chavs act like this but they wear tight pants sometimes jeans).they usually hang around in a big gruop attempting to intimidate anyone and everyone when all you have to do is floor one and they run away like bitches. but be warned they think they are solid when they have around 20 people behind them. however one on one they lose easily do not be afraid they are fucking pussies.
chav-"ere mates u hit me the other night"
person-"no we did not stop trying to pick fights"
chav-"bullshit u n me one on one mates"
person-(punches chav in nose breaks it chav cries and goes off in ambulences.
by jake-d February 10, 2008
"Council House And Violent"

British teenagers and lower income families dole scroungers who mostly all come from council estates,Their uniform consists off trackpants and hoodies and little shitty baseball caps when it's summer they like to wear vests along with their trackies,They also like to wear Jewellery such as sovereign rings and knecklaces and never take their baseball caps off,The teenagers like to hang out in parks alleys shopping centres and their group usually consists off 6+,They like to shop lift intimidate people and use alot off foul language,They are disrespectful to the elderly and usually can be found travelling on the public transport systems or if they have or can afford their own means off travel usually travel in little novas or if they are drug dealer chavs they roam about in wrx's,Their girlfriends are called chavettes they usally have orange faces big ear rings chew gum and have a foul mouth on them,Most usually have their first child by 17,The older generation off chavs in the 25+ mark are usually all unemployed overweight wear baseball caps and clothes from the late 90's are unshaven and still act like they are 18,Most are addicted to dope or cocaine,The older generation off chavettes are usually big fat mammas with foul mouths and 3 kids to 3 different dads,The half decent looking ones are shagging the top drug dealer and getting all his money so she can keep herself looking good and support her bastard children,CHAVS are the biggest bunch off losers in Britain
"Those friggin chavs are all hanging out at the shops man"

"Chavs jumped my mate last week"

"See the fight between the Chavs and the hippies?"

"Get a job you low life chav"

"Hahaha that girls an orange face" "Yeah stupid chav"
by abcdeffuckingg February 07, 2008
chav is a fashion statement. it is another word for a thug or a gang member. chavs are fond of hoodies and caps nd they like sitting on walls smoking. lots of people want to kill chavs. lots of chavs want to kill people.
" omg my sister is a mega chav coz she wears a hoodie!"
by Amy Lucas- Knight December 17, 2007
The alpha-male species of the chav is commonly seen hanging around almost any street corner or outside Mc Donald’s at night on a week day. They are easily identifiable, they wear baseball caps or hoods, “sports label” tracksuit trousers with socks tucked in to them, as an identification of rank (the higher the socks, the higher the Chavvy status), they ‘trend knock-off trainers’ and can typically be seen in mock Burberry clothing. Their combat experience to accompany their rank can be distinguished by the amount of battle honours (or ASBO's) gained.

The female of the species, or Chavette, can usually be identified pushing a pram around shopping centers or pubs smoking, drinking (commonly ‘XXXX’ or ‘special brew extra strength’) and swearing at the infant, or Chavlette. The ‘Croydon Facelift’
(where the hair is tied back into a bun so tightly that it stretches the skin on their face backwards) is common among the females as is cheap, imitation gold jewelry (or ‘bling’). The females status can usually be accurately judged by the sheer enormity of it’s hoped gold earrings.

The common Chav holds it’s own dialect, known as ‘Chavish’. Scientists have worked to try and understand this strange dialect for years but to no avail, however they were able to establish that Chav’s have very small brains and an exceptionally low IQ and common sense. The only bits of chavish you may be able to understand are the frequent and graphic swearing that the chav learns from it’s chavette mother at an early age.

Their recreational hobbies include ‘Maxing it up’ in their cheap and nasty old bangers (commonly the Nova and Fiesta, although a high ranking chav may drive a golden chariot (known commonly as a Saxo). They spend a fortune on large wheels and rims or alloys, LED colored lights (the reason for this is still unknown) and the most common accessory of all – the ‘wanker pipe’. This being a large exhaust or exhaust tip fitted to the exhaust system of the car which seems to simply ruin the sound of the engine. It is still however unbeknown to experts exactly what is the source of all this wealth. However it may be due to their frequent sponsorship deals with ‘Max Power Magazine’ proudly displaying their half-arsed efforts at automotive design.
1. "Look at those scum-bag chavs"

2. "What the hell is that stupid chav shouting at us?"
"I don't know, he's shouting in chavish".
"F*ckin Freaks".
by Matt Ako December 11, 2007
The phrase Chav means: Council House Adolescent Vermin
Chavs (Council House Adolescent Vermin ) are usually people who would wear Fake Brands, for example Fake Burberry. Also mostly wear tracksuits and sports kit. Can be known to have there tracksuits tucked into there socks, have the really greasy hair from over use of hair gels and other cheep brands, known to drink mostly Stella and/or WKD. Can also look like they are trying to be black and gangster like. (note chavs are white!)
by Peggy the pirate November 30, 2007
The word "chav" is derived from a particular description of the buggers themselves:

4 words to sum it up. Lovely.
-look. he's a right chav!
-no he's not. we're not on a council estate. nobber.
by bear99 October 18, 2007
There are 3 types of 'Chav'

-Wannabe Chav- These are you're 8-11 kidswho go round in tracksuits, caps pointed upwards, with some type of addidas jacket on. they ussualy wonder round in groups and thing there badboys just because there are lots of them. They sometime smoke, becuase that makes you look 'hard' and will try to start a fight with and imitate what you say. These are very annoying and should all try a bit harder. commonly reffered to as Charva

- Gay Chav - These Chavs always seem to be poor, smell and where the same clothes all the time. They commonly ask you for a 'fag' (Ciggarette) at which most people reply to as no. They then say 'yeah you do' for some reason, even if you do don't OR they will ask you for a lighter, it is less common that they will say 'yeah you do' if you say no. They where the same clothes as a typical Chav and hang around in groups of 2-4 in which they will go round drawing on walls saying stuff like 'Bez was ere reppin B6 07' or they terroise smaller, more innocent people. These Chavs are ussualy very stupid.

-'Safe' Chav- These Chavs are alright, they wear the more expensive type of Nike,Adidas and do not seem to have a problem with anybody. They will not start fights, but they may ask you for a fag. if you reply no, they says its alright and leave. You can talk to them, and they will have no problem with you. These Chavs hang around in larger groups 6-8 but pose no threat.
Wannabe Chav: yeah man, yeah man when we see him we're gonna smash him innit, yeah yeah, wanna fight? na na na you is a pussy innit

Gay Chav: Oi mate got a fag?
Guy: No..
Gay Chav: Yeah you do

Safe Chav: Yeah you know that girl who goes to your school?
Guy: Yeah, I know her
Safe Chav: Yeah I would bang her, yeah?
by Drake101 July 27, 2007