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3 definitions by Dazzy

Well, i used to believe chavs were what most people on here have written. But not until the other day i realised they wern't. 'Chav' is a personality type, more than a look. 'Chavs' generally are loud-mouthed teens. They normally 'start' on Emos, goths, or anyone different to them. And they all dress the same, i suppose that doesnt make them chavish, but they wud be like 'OMG WTF ARE YOU WEARING?' if you didn't go out your door in a nike trackie.
Chavs 1 (atood outside maccys): OMG LOOK AT DAT BIG GOTH.
Sk8r: Um..
Chavs 2: Lets get him.
emo (sk8rs friend): Um, i think its time we went.
Chavs 1: Where the fuck do you think your goin, are you startin?
by Dazzy February 24, 2006
More than one horrendous.
His poor attempt at singing was horrendi! it made me feel positively ill.
by Dazzy August 02, 2003
To hit the bar fast.
I walked into the club and heat was intense, my throat was so dry, I yeboahed and downed 2 pints in succesion.
by Dazzy August 09, 2003