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1. to end abruptly, do to bad circumstance or course of events.

2. Termination, conclusion

1. to bring to an end or conclusion: We chalked negotiations between us and management due to our inabilities to come to terms.
2. to put an end to; terminate: He got chaulked last week due to multiple offenses.
3. to form the end of: Do not chaulk the plans just because you have not found a buyer yet!

Based on the chaulk that is used to outline a dead body at a murder scene.

Slang synonym:
its a wrap, its over, game over
I had to chaulk the presentation midway through because I forgot to added the last two slides before I left the house. Hopefully I wont get chaulked at my job because of it.
by Bellagio Davinci' June 05, 2013
A very white guy, who is as pale as chaulk. A person who is very pimply in the face who really needs to see a dermatologist badly. A guy who is bad at sports and is very clingy.
That guy is a total Chaulk, and he looks like a vamp.
by Catheine August 06, 2011