Chatroom- A place where full grown adults pretend to be other kids so that they can lure so called actual kids into traps they had set up. They enjoy getting their needs and wants without thinking about their victim.

Often times the "victim" has fallen in love with the person they think is another teenager, but really they fell in love with a full grown adult in their 30's or 40's (doesn't matter how old), who just wants to hurt them and doesn't care about them. Chatrooms are just stupid anyways.
RainbowHearts (a 13 year old girl): I love you so much Scott, can't wait to meet in person!
Scotty16 (is not actually 16, but rather a 34 year old man on a chatroom): I love you lots Rachael, I can't wait either, this is going to be so much fun! And best of all we will finally be together!
by AwesomXCore March 18, 2007
A interactive medium in which users congregate to stimulate each another to type the abbreviation 'lol'.
johnnyboy: I think my brother is gay, and I'm worried.
angelbaby: Johnny, why YOU worried? It's his choice.
johhnyboy: I know it's his choice, but he's my Siamese twin brother, and...we share the same anus.
angelbaby: lol
johnnyboy: lol
kanishka: lol
hh_hhl6 lol
alpha_omega: lol@Johnny. What a chatroom!
by reinersjc August 30, 2005
Where people with no lives go to communicate with other people with no lives. Or where 40 year old stalker virgins go to get little girls and boys!
-Taking place in one of those chatrooms-

Little boy - 'Hey Billy, I have a question! How old are you? I am 12'

Stalker "Billy" - 'Oh, what a coincidence! I am 12, too! Let's meet at my small basement today at nine at cometomyhouse ave. , stalker, CA.'

Guess what? The kid got raped!
by theyellowasian June 04, 2011
A place for peodophiles and axe murderers to lure young impressionable minds to their homes resulting in news full of crying parents for a few weeks and many adults banning children from use of said outlet of 'enjoyment'.
"Hey, man, lets go on a chatroom and find someone to kill!"
by LaurenB October 22, 2003
cyber place for people with little real life
Let's meet in the chatroom and talk.
by Brynhilde May 16, 2003
Annoying places where people try to meet you in real life. They send you pictures and harass you endlessly. You sign onto places like The Sims and There and they never shut up. Stop using these chat rooms to bother everyone. You chat room people are annoying, and I don't care about you.
It's a beautiful day in Sunrise Florida. Brian wants to sign onto There to buy some nice designer jeans or Red Light District to get some nookie. People start messaging him. Want to meet in real life? Brian closes chat room window.
by Online game player December 02, 2013
My friends and I had a major fight in a chat room last night.
by Rodney Basil April 24, 2004

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