chatchdog (chochdog, chochdawg),(often abbreviated as just chatch)

–verb (used with object)
1. to have sexual intercourse with (often in demeaning or unusual ways).... See More
ex. "wow, I can't believe you slapped her in the face after chatchdogging her like that."

2. to treat unfairly or harshly.
ex. "it's pretty fucked up to chatchdog a bro like that; he's going to have to throw away that microwave."

-verb (used without object)
3. to have sexual intercourse (often in demeaning or unusual ways).
ex. "damn, I need to watch some SportsCenter, I just got done with some serious chatchdogging and I'm tired as fuck."

4. to act in accordance with the noun "chatchdog"
ex. "Nick Jackson is chatchdogging so hard right now."

5. a pledge of a social fraternity or a brother who is still regarded with the same status of a pledge.
ex. "clean that toilet with your tongue you fucking chatchdog!"

6. (literal)- a hot dog cooked after being marinated in Kamchatka liquor.
ex. "lets get fucked up and cook some chatchdogs."

7. (negative)- one who acts with general douchebagginess (in all vernacular senses of the word) for the entertainment of others
ex. "did Baumwell actually just leave to go home to his girlfriend; what a chatchdog"

(positive]- doing something awesome, yet immature or stupid, for the entertainment of others
ex. "that bro is the ultimate chatchdog, he just did 7 chill willies"
wow, I can't believe you slapped her in the face after chatchdogging her like that.
by ChatchinHard January 19, 2010
Top Definition
-(verb) to be slapped in the face with a Kamchatka bottle and then repeatedly hit in the face to the point of no recognition.
"Man Ferris got Chatchdogged real hard this summer. I bet his face still hurts from that massive beating."
by therealchatchdog January 20, 2010
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