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1. informal one-sided conversation between two people, one of which is on their way elsewhere and is delayed by the other's inane discussion on a variety of subjects for no reason whatsoever other than to hear their own voice. Chat-trapped, chat-trapping, chat-trapper.
Used in a sentence, verb:

Leah was chat-trapped by Dianne in the washroom for fifteen minutes today.

Used in a sentence, noun:

Don't walk near that cubicle or you will be caught in a chat-trap with Damien!
#chat-trapping #chat-trapper #chat-trapped #chat-trappers #chattrap
by XBJX June 21, 2007
A voluntary paralysis caused by a tightening of the butt cheeks to prevent defecation.

Standing perfectly still while holding it in so you don't shit yourself.
Caught in a chat-trap, Adam spent the next painful 30 seconds on the stairs clenching and plotting his next move.

After unsuccessfully chat-trapping on the dance floor, Eve would not be able to return the slacks she purchased only the day before.
#feces #shit #shite #poo #turd #fart #poopie #turtle head #dookie #crap #shart
by Spicy Hamburger April 17, 2009
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