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When you try to bang someone over IM
Dana was chat banging the guy from Case.
by hc92009 May 09, 2008
(n) An instance where an unsuspecting victim is invited into an online chat or call and is demeaned, demoralized, or abused by the host and/or other members of the conversation.

(v) To invite an unsuspecting victim into an online chat or call with the intent of demeaning, demoralizing, or abusing the guest (often with other co-conspiring chat members).

Also referred to as gangchat, chatbush, and chatstomp.
"I finally got invited to chat online with the cool kids, but once I was in the call, all they did was make fun of me. It was a total chatbang. I tried to defend myself, but they booted me from the call. Heck, that's the last time I ever accept a chat invite from those bullies."
by RicepirateMick June 24, 2013
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