a measure of all of the gayness in your body where one chat= 50 homosexuals. this is applied for gays, lesbians or closet homosexuals.
chatman: hey guys want to go up in my room?
guys: shut up chatman your chats meter is through the roof right now.
by connersoccer7 May 23, 2008
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A hideous growth behind someone's ear.
Walshy look at your chat!!
by chatearjohn May 03, 2009
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See gaids, angus, angry angus, fever and chocolate fever.
And probably gaidmonds and jimskey too.
bird: 'I want to fuck you'
gAIDS: 'Are you sure you wouldn't prefer a chat? Or a nice glass of wine perhaps?'
by boohog June 08, 2004
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She has a nice pair of chats.
by Nice chats November 02, 2016
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